Cambrianway, Peel L&P and Wirral Met provide construction students with industry insights

Published: 14 July 2020

Construction students at Wirral Met have been provided with valuable industry insights thanks to Cambrianway Limited, the contractor currently delivering the Tower Road improvement works at Peel L&P's Wirral Waters.


10 Level 3 construction students benefited from an online presentation from Bryan McGinty, Project Manager at Cambrianway, who provided a mix of personal and professional insights, as well as describing the Tower Road improvement works and what goes into delivering such a project. Bryan McGinty also detailed the three main construction processes on the project; the silvacell tree installation, deep drainage works, and electrical works for existing and proposed columns.

The presentation is part of an ongoing collaboration between Peel L&P (the developer of Wirral Waters), Wirral Met and contractors to provide young people with the experiences and insights that will give them the best possible start in the construction industry.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, students had been given the opportunity to see the remediation works at Wirral Waters’ Northbank project first-hand.

Commenting on the initiative, Richard Mawdsley, Peel L&P’s director of development for Wirral Waters, said:

“We’re very pleased to be able to work in partnership with Wirral Met and Cambrianway Limited to provide construction students with valuable first-hand insights into the construction industry. These students will form the workforce of the future and providing them with the ability to meet and learn from construction professionals working at Wirral Waters is part of our work to ensure that local young people benefit from the development.”

Ella Tsui-Lau, Assistant Principal STEAM at Wirral Met College, said:

“Thank you to Peel L&P and Cambrianway for providing valuable insight to our students on the current plans of the Wirral Waters development.”

“The virtual session went flawlessly well, and all our students appreciated the time Bryan spent discussing the project in detail. Our students are all eager to have an onsite visit soon and to capture the background of an amazing project which will flourish the community.”

Bryan McGinty, Project Manager at Cambrianway, said:

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to engage with Wirral Met students and we look forward to further interactions in September. As a Wirral-based company we are keen to promote the development of young local people in the industry.”


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