Wirral Streetcar

The Wirral Streetcar is a unique opportunity to provide a low cost, , scaleable, sustainable, light rail, feeder service into the Mersey Rail network. The Streetcar will have a tourism role by linking Wirral Waters with the Mersey Ferries and Pier Head – aswell as a commuter service into transport hubs. 

East Wirral benefits from a  unique set of circumstances to enable the project to happen including: an existing Heritage Tram system, second hand rolling stock, existing re-usable track and positive Government support.  Birkenhead was the first place in Europe to have a Street Tram.

Project partners: Merseytravel and Wirral Council

"A unique opportunity to develop a cost-effective, light rail system to serve the Wirral Waters development"

Compared to most light rail schemes, the unique circumstances associated with the Wirral Streetcar such as existing track, simplified land issues, availability of other assets such as second hand rolling stock / track and existing rail routes, all point to a deliverable scheme with excellent value for money.

Peel are currently working with Merseytravel and Wirral Council on theStreetCar, which is subject to a Major Transport Fund Bid.

Project partners: Merseytravel and Wirral Council